Wise Lion Sun King // As I roam the jungle, passing all of my jungle animal brothers and sisters, it gives me happiness to see the harmony amongst the forest. That doesn’t mean that there is not conflict within the forest. Animals in survival mode… Eat or die. Survive or be slain. Hunt or be hunted. This world does not wait for the “right time”… For your right time may be another’s wrong time. The harmony within the forest is in alignment with the spirit of life. The circle of life which we are ALL a part of. The lion is the overseer of the forest in a way that helps keep the balance amongst the animals. No animal is more or less important than the other. The lion represents an animal of fairness and strength. With love the lion transforms power into a community of all living things. Allowing peace amongst the chaos. It is only through a pure love for every living animal and plant in the kingdom can the lion be the KING.☀️🙏🏽❤️👑

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